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Detroit, as you probably know, is trying desperately to avoid emergency manager status, bankruptcy, or both. The mechanics of it are still being worked out. But yesterday, Mayor Dave Bing proposed a new city budget that was almost frightening in terms of its austerity, and depressing Ballast Flint Michigan downtown woman you think of the services this once-great city used to provide. This March — the warm temperatures broke 15, weather records across the country. And last year A new study finds a large majority of Americans are now connecting specific extreme weather events to climate change.

The study is part of a long-term project called Climate Change in the American Mind. A majority of Americans say the weather in the United States is getting worse and many report that extreme weather in their own local area has become more frequent and damaging. Further, large majorities believe that global warming made a of recent extreme weather events worse. Only about a third of Americans, however, have either a disaster emergency plan or an emergency supply kit in their homes.

He and his colleagues found that 82 percent of Americans personally experienced one or more types of extreme weather or natural disaster in the past year. The automaker's debt has been at junk status since The company had to mortgage its factories and other assets to borrow billions in order to stay out of bankruptcy. It is an important proof point of the continued progress the Ford team is making with our One Ford plan. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on driving profitable growth for all of our stakeholders.

In fact, our One Ford plan includes achieving strong investment grade ratings and maintaining investment grade throughout an economic cycle. Company spokesman Jay Cooney says Ford's assets will be released as collateral once a second ratings agency boosts the company's credit rating. Next year, the city of Flint will charge Ballast Flint Michigan downtown woman higher fees in exchange for less services.

The budget plan unveiled last night was greeted with anger from city residents and city council members. Steve Carmody reports:. The Flint city budget plan calls for trimming 20 percent of city government workers from the payroll The plan also raises city sewer and lighting fees. Brown says he hopes to hear back from the state on the fiscal stabilization bond request sometime next month. A group with plans to build a privately funded light rail line in Detroit says it has the money it needs to construct it, and to run it for ten years.

Backers laid out their case in a feasibility study submitted to the federal government. The project was nearly derailed late last year — after Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and Governor Rick Snyder pulled their support in favor of a rapid bus system. The mayor and governor now say they think both projects should move forward The U. Army Corps of Engineers has added three options to a list of possible measures for preventing Asian carp and other invasive species from entering the Great Lakes from the Mississippi River, the Associated Press reports.

From the AP:. In December, the corps released a draft report suggesting methods such as overfishing, ultraviolet light, water guns and introducing native predators in Chicago-area rivers and canals that link the two massive aquatic systems. A final version issued last week also raised the possibility of freezing or drying sections of the waterways, or zapping organisms with carbon dioxide pellets.

Next, the corps will decide which options merit further consideration. The report is part of a series as officials develop a strategy for halting species invasions of the Great Lakes, possibly including permanent separation of the two drainage basins. Governor Rick Snyder is scheduled to hold an online town hall meeting tomorrow afternoon at p. The Associated Press reports:. The event will be streamed live at www. Questions can be submitted by callingposting a question at www. Snyder spokeswoman Geralyn Lasher says the Republican governor will host the town hall meeting for about 45 minutes.

The Governor last held a town hall meeting in March to discuss Detroit's financial crisis. Meanwhile, in a speech to business leaders yesterday, the Governor said that he wants to see a stronger sense of urgency for action in Detroit.

Rick Pluta reports :. He said the city also needs to reverse the trend of young families fleeing the city. Snyder said the two groups that left Detroit in the greatest s over the past decade were adults aged 25 to 29, and children between five and nine. The governor said progress is being made, but he wants to see a greater sense of urgency. The governor said municipal bankruptcy is still not out of the question for Detroit. The M-1 rail line would run along a three-mile stretch of Woodward Avenue in Detroit. The mayor and governor now say they think both projects should move forward.

If and when a regional transit authority for southeast Michigan gets off the ground, the idea is to hand the system over to that authority. The budget plan calls for trimming 20 percent of city government workers from the payroll. Flint police officers and firefighters are not being spared. The emergency manager didn't include public safety officers in the budget whose positions are funded with grant money that hasn't been secured yet. A company has plans to develop a slew of Ernest Hemingway -inspired hotels and resorts.

I drove around with her as we followed trucks laden with liquefied manure and watched as they spread the liquid on nearby farm fields. It's a practice that can add nutrients back to the land if done right, but with the huge quantities of manure these CAFOs are dealing with year round - doing it right is something they've had trouble with.

And Henning, a "Sierra Club Water Sentinel," has been watching them - reporting them to state officials when they weren't complying with the law. It's clear from visiting these communities that these large scale farms have caused rifts among neighbors; some like the income they make selling corn and renting land to CAFO operators, but others feel CAFOs threaten their health and the beauty of rural farming life.

Working as an environmental activist in rural Michigan she formed the group Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central MichiganHenning says she's felt those divisions first-hand - saying she's been harassed and threatened on numerous occasions. From the Goldmand Prize website:. Family farmer and activist Lynn Henning exposed the Ballast Flint Michigan downtown woman polluting practices of livestock factory farms in rural Michigan, gaining the attention of the federal EPA and prompting state regulators to issue hundreds of citations for water quality violations.

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She's also been to the White House to meet President Obama. And now, here she is on Bill Ballast Flint Michigan downtown woman. To watch, we have to pull up a chair up to "imnewshound's" television - he has subscription to HBO, after all and being HBO and Bill Maher, be warned - there is some foul language :. A Canadian company specializing in plant-based pharmaceuticals wants to turn an old copper mine in Michigan's Upper Peninsula into a large-scale medical marijuana farm. But the company hopes to start using the facility to produce pot and tap into Michigan's market ofmedical marijuana users.

According to Egan, PPS already operates a marijuana growing facility in Canada and has a lucrative contract to supply medical pot to the Canadian government. But while Michigan voters have approved medical marijuana use, the project is still a long way from becoming a reality.

Rick Snyder would all have to off, and in the case of the first two agencies, reverse direction on policy. Federal agencies consider marijuana illegal. DEA agents have not cracked down on small operations to supply d patients but almost certainly would view SubTerra as a major bust opportunity.

Growing marijuana hundreds of feet underground - the same way the company started its Canadian operations in - provides security, constant temperature, controlled light and humidity, and protects the plants from bugs and diseases, eliminating the need for harmful pesticides and herbicides, Zettl said. He said any medical marijuana sold in Michigan should be subject to the same regular and rigorous testing as is found in Canada.

However, according to Egan, PPS's regulated growing techniques have caused some Canadian users to complain about the quality and taste of the company's product. What was once a private collection of racist memorabilia has now been expanded to a full-blown museum on the campus of Ferris State University.

When sociology professor David Pilgrim came to Ferris State, he brought with him his collection of racist artifacts and donated them to the university. For years the items sat in a small classroom on campus, but are now on display in the new Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia. They want to live there. They want their kids going to school. But why do we need that sense of urgency? Focus Hopea well-known social services organization in Detroit, has spent decades providing food, career training and other services to people throughout southeast Michigan.

The goal of the initiative is to transform the block area around the Focus Hope campus, where thousands live at or below the poverty line.

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John Callewaert is leading the U of M side of things. He says the strategies developed could be used as a model for other areas with "lots of open space and economic decline. This initiative is inspired by the adage that it "takes a village to raise. Already, parents, businesses, retirees, educators, block clubs and others are working together to create opportunities for Ballast Flint Michigan downtown woman children.

Changing Gears is partnering with Michigan Radio to collect stories about how people are planning ahead in light of the recession. A second income is essential to any household. We have three. I work, my wife works, and on the weekends I work as a photographer. All I ever wanted was an office job. I have that now, so now I just want to pay of my debt and enjoy my life with my wife.

This story was informed by the Public Insight Network. If you want to learn how to be a part of our network. Michigan gasoline prices are falling. Prices are down about ten cents a gallon in the past week and are actually 16 cents lower than a year ago. Patrick DeHaan is an analyst with GasBuddy. He predicts prices will stay below four dollars a gallon through Memorial Day. Back in December, it seemed a 3-mile light rail project in Detroit along Woodward Avenue was put on the scrap heap when U.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood raised doubts that Detroit could pay the operating costs for the proposed line. In discussions, Detroit Mayor Bing, Gov. Snyder, and LaHood opted for a rapid bus system instead. But as Michigan Radio's Sarah Cwiek has been reporting, private investors who were backing the light rail project pushed back on the bus idea. Now the Detroit Free Press reports the M-1 Rail Group says they'll put up the money to run the system for the first 10 years. The M-1 Rail Group outlined the details in a report it has sent to the federal government.

After the first ten years, the group says they would donate the system "to the appropriate agency, such as a regional transit authority that Gov. Rick Snyder and the Legislature are working to create for southeast Michigan You have to give Matty Moroun, the year-old owner of the Ambassador Bridge, credit for something.

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To steal the old Timex watch slogan, he takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Glacial Energy has been operating in Michigan since Glacial Energy regulatory affairs manager Derek Smiertka says the company only operates at the retail level—and that means they can generally offer cheaper rates than the big utilities. The announcement was made on the U.

Ballast Flint Michigan downtown woman

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