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Detectives conducting the inquiry said that "for sheer mindless brutality" the crime ranked alongside the torture inflicted on children by the Moors murderers. Jeffrey Leigh, aged 27, was jailed for twelve years for false imprisonment. Jean Powell's brother Clifford Pook, aged 18, was sentenced to fifteen years in a Young Offenders' Institution for false imprisonment and conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.

Anthony Michael Dudson, who was 16 years old at the time of the murder, was also found guilty of murder and sentenced to be detained at Her Majesty's pleasure under section 53 1 of the Children and Young Persons Act Capper, described as "a gentle and easily influenced girl," had been babysat by Jean Powell since she was ten years old.

Powell lived at 97 Langworthy Road, Girl in alight Aberdeen jacket, a small Victorian terraced housewhere she also dealt drugs and was involved with the handling of stolen motor vehicles. Her sister said: "It was not that she was scared of them, it's just that she would do anything for them. She pampered their every whim. Powell was separated from her husband Glyn, although the two remained friendly and he would visit regularly from his nearby home. McNeilly's boyfriend was year-old Anthony Dudson, who was also having sexual intercourse with Powell.

Powell was sexually involved with Jeffrey Leigh, a regular visitor to the house as a purchaser of amphetamines. Another frequent visitor to the house was Powell's younger brother, Clifford Pook. At trial, several reasons were given for Capper's kidnapping: Jean Powell claimed that Capper had tried to persuade her to sleep with a man for money; McNeilly and Dudson had contracted pubic lice which they believed were from a bed that Capper had also used; and McNeilly believed that she had taken a pink duffel coat that belonged to her.

In Novemberwhen Dudson had contracted pubic lice and had his pubic hair shaved, McNeilly told him she thought that he had caught them from Capper. She was grabbed as soon as she arrived and held down while Glyn Powell shaved her head and her eyebrows and then made her clean up the hair and place it in a bin. Then he placed a plastic bag over her head and walked around her while hitting her on the head.

The following morning Capper was taken upstairs and locked in another cupboard. There she was tied spreadeagle to an upturned bed with electrical flex in a downstairs back room. Over the next five days Capper was subjected to a series of violent acts, "increasing in severity and brutality as Girl in alight Aberdeen jacket time passed. At some point during the week, Pook and Leigh called at the house and saw Capper, blindfolded and gagged, tied to the bed.

By this time, Capper had been lying in her own urine and feces for several days and was placed in a bath containing concentrated disinfectant and scrubbed with a stiff brush with sufficient force to remove skin. Cliff [Pook] took her gag off.

He told her to open her mouth.

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He said: 'Right, I'm going to rip your teeth out'. He started hitting her teeth with the pliers. He got the pliers on and started pulling it out. But it just snapped and chipped. Then he hit them a few more times.

He put the pliers on again and really, really pulled. He pulled Suzanne's head forward until there was a snap and he had the tooth in the pliers. He did the same again and he was laughing. David Hill, 18, was asked to "sit in" at the house, and while there heard Dudson shouting in the back room.

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Hill could clearly see evidence of torture and was later left alone with Capper but did not free her. I asked her who she was. She said her name was Suzanne. She asked me if I could untie her. I said I couldn't do anything. If I'd said [anything] they'd all have got me, wouldn't they? I didn't know what to do. I was too shocked to do anything. Barlow said: "They could have told me there and then. The door would have been kicked down and I would have got Suzanne out. I did not think they were capable of such savagery.

Now all I want is ten minutes with them in a back room. The six primary attackers heard that Capper's family was going to report her as a missing personand so agreed that Capper had to be removed from the house. In the early hours of 14 DecemberCapper was forced into the boot of a stolen white Fiat Panda car and driven 15 miles 25 km to a narrow lane at Werneth Low near Romileyon the outskirts of Stockport. In the car were McNeilly, the Powells and Dudson. McNeilly "giggled" as they made the journey. Burn baby burn!

Believing Capper to be dead, the four returned to Jean Powell's house, stopping to buy canned drinks on the way. After her attackers left, Capper managed to scramble back up the embankment and stagger along the lane for approximately a Girl in alight Aberdeen jacket of a mile metres to Compstall Road despite extensive burns.

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She was found at by Barry Sutcliffe and two of his colleagues on their way to work. Her legs were just like raw meat and her feet appeared to be badly charred. I was struck by how polite the victim was. She was constantly thanking my wife for her assistance. Her head was shaved and there were recent, not new, cuts to her head. Her face was almost featureless. Her hands were red raw and black at the fingertips. Her legs were red from top to bottom.

She couldn't bear anything near her legs. Capper drank six glasses of water, Girl in alight Aberdeen jacket was unable to hold the glass herself because of the injuries to her hands. The extent of her burns was such that her mother and stepfather were unable to recognise her, and she was positively identified by a partial fingerprint from her thumb, the only part of her hands not severely burned.

At on 14 December, he instructed officers to attend 97 Langworthy Road and arrest everyone that they found there. Initially, all six denied involvement. Under questioning, Dudson, who had been urged by his father to tell the truth, began to talk. Wall said of Dudson's statement: "As the story began to unfold, we just couldn't believe it. I kept asking myself how one human being could do this to another. On 17 Decemberthe six accused appeared before magistrates in Manchester and were remanded into custody charged with kidnapping and attempted murder.

Dr William Lawler, a Home Office pathologist, testified that Capper had suffered 75—80 per cent burns consistent with having had petrol thrown over her and set alight, and that her chance of survival had been minimal. She suffered widespread burns that led to several complications internally," said Lawler. Death was due to complications caused by these burns.

The coroner said: "It is clear that this young girl must have suffered a great deal of pain and had no chance of survival. But she did fortunately survive long enough to give information which led to the people mentioned being charged with her death. The trial commenced on 16 Novemberand lasted 22 days. All six denied murder and in their testimonies each defendant tried to minimise his or her part in the crime. Justice Potts. As the sentences were announced two jurors wept and there were cries of "Yes! Wall said: "Psychological Reports say that these are absolutely sane individuals.

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It's frightening that they are such ordinary people. There is nothing special about any of them. Leigh appealed against his sentence, which was reduced from 12 years to 9 years on 4 November Jean Powell and McNeilly were granted leave to have the lengths of their minimum sentences reviewed at the Court of Appeal in June McNeilly's sentence was reduced by one year. While she was incarcerated at HM Prison Durhama routine security check in uncovered letters which revealed McNeilly had been having an affair with the prison governor, Mike Martin.

Girl in alight Aberdeen jacket

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