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You've read 1 of 2 free monthly articles. Learn More. And a few months ago, after more than four decades of checking the mirror daily for zits, I noticed that my right ear lobe is shorter than my left. How do you miss something like that? And yet I judge myself to be not unattractive.

So I decided to use these findings to critically analyze my own mug. We judge a face within a fraction of a second, just as you have already judged mine. Scientists have tried to quantify universal hotness by showing photos of faces to college students and taking measurements of those consistently identified as handsome or cute. And yet decades of studies have put this notion to rest: No matter what our race, sexual orientation, social class, age, or gender, we generally agree on which faces are more attractive than others.

The uneven lobes are the least of my worries. By Christian B. Here is the predicament that most of us seem to be in.

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We are not virtuous people. We simply do not have characters that are good enough to qualify as honest, compassionate, wise, courageous, and the like. We are not Fortunately for the slightly unbalanced, we also gravitate toward faces whose measurements are closest to the mathematical average. In a classic study, volunteers looked at composite faces whose features were averaged from many other faces—average nose, average eyes, etc.

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The more faces that were added to the composites, the more attractive the volunteers found them to be. I checked, but my generous nose and supersized ears are bugs, not features. Nancy Etcoff, an evolutionary psychologist at Harvard Medical School and author of Survival of the Prettiesthas argued that women use cosmetics to mimic such supernormal features.

S o where does that leave me? From those winning portraits, Leyvand and his colleagues measured 84 points on each face outlining, for example, the eyebrows, eyes, lips, nose, and facial boundary to create an artificial intelligence that consistently rated attractiveness similarly to the average human rater. During beautification, the algorithm considers edges based on those measurements and makes adjustments accordingly. With enough Photoshopping—or plastic surgery—just about anyone can probably be made to resemble a Hollywood star. So even if my nose-to-eyes-to-lips-to-cheekbone ratios are outliers, I can still explain how I managed to reproduce.

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First, the beard. Does the beard help? Scientifically, the jury is out. If you could get a good whiff of my perspiration, and you are a heterosexual woman, you may well find me hotter. Next: baldness. I probably would have scored better in your eye, oh beholder, if I had shaved my head before the photo shoot, but I wanted this to be realistic.

Clearly, male-pattern baldness holds no advantage. Albert Mannes, a data scientist formerly at The Wharton School, of the University of Pennsylvania, suggests this perception could be due to an association with the military, police, firefighters, or professional athletes. Or it may be that men who shave their he are judged to have lots of confidence because they live outside the norm. Studies suggest that women can sniff out men who have different but not radically different genetic makeups to their own.

And finally, the X factor. Although to be honest, pretty boy looks a little emaciated. Actually I was, but only when I was much younger and wished I was better looking so the women I loved would love me back. This concerns me far less as I approach 50, married, my testosterone dropping, and three children to carry forward my DNA. My reaction is not unusual, Leyvand says.

Research subjects find their new looks interesting, but no one has openly pined for what might have been. Which makes me wonder if I am being too cynical. Perhaps there is reason to have faith in the eye of the beholder, as Hume and Darwin suggested. Because in the end, no matter what a bunch of faceless, tweedy scientists conclude about your objective attractiveness to other Homo sapiensyour mother will always be there to remind you how handsome or beautiful you are.

Right, mom?

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It's just not the same without them. Thank you!

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Reading — Am I Ugly? To get started, here is an un-retouched reference shot: Chip Rowe: A portrait of the author as he is. Christine Ashburn We judge a face within a fraction of a second, just as you have already judged mine. Miller Here is the predicament that most of us seem to be in.

Good sex for any women old skinny big beautiful or ugly

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