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Your hairstyle says much about you. With the right haircut, you can leave a lasting positive one to anyone you meet at work, play or school. And whether for formal or casual occasions, a nice hairstyle will make you look even more appealing. So just like choosing the right clothes, watch and socks, you must select the right short hairstyle for men — and let your search begin with the following clean, regular and simple haircuts for men of today.

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Use hair care products when needed. A few of these include pomade, a gel or a hairspray.

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You may also want to use a mousse to dry or wet hair for hold. But for hairstyle requiring a stronger hold, you may want to reapply mousse more often, or better yet go for clay or wax. For inspiration on the short and simple haircut for men that you may want to consider, begin with the following list featuring the most debonair of all haircuts for men today.

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A bit thick on the top and cut close to the skin on the sides plus a beard, this simple haircut for men looks awesome! Try it for a new look to your crowning glory. Turn an ordinary into a special day! Emphasize your clean haircut with the classic quiff, one of the most loved hairstyles of all time. Just use the right maintenance products and keep it looking great! Side part? Create a clean and manly appeal for your crowning glory. Add some twist to it with the nice side part! Get regular trimmings for it to keep the look.

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The drop skin fade is a timeless haircut for men of all ages and style. It is simple and clean to give you that dashing appeal. This clean cut with a line up is cut short all over. It looks neat and perhaps a great cut for the hot summer season. Check it out and ask your hairstylist about it today!

The combination of the buzz cut and the crop cut is just perfect! It has the characteristics of giving that sense of style while also keep things simple to maintain. For an added twist, you can also have a hair de on the sides. Up the fade game with a stylish and clean looking mid drop fade! The wedge fade looks edgy and fierce.

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It is simple, clean and neat. Plus, with regular trimming, it is easy to maintain the look. Try it today! The hard part is the perfect summer hairstyle for men who want a less maintenance and a wash and wear haircut.

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It can make anyone look fashionable especially with the hard part that just looks so cool. This sharp fade clean cut is chosen by men who want a light haircut to wear on any occasion and function. It is an easy to maintain haircut that needs only a few hairstyling products to keep the top hold. Try it now! The curly plus beard part is an amazing hairstyle that gives your curly hair a new life and style. It is cut close to the sides with top hair left thick. Whether you have a tattoo or none, you can check out the spiky plus Mid fade haircut that just looks iconic!

Adding a beard can give it more life. Think about it, bro. This mid drop fade hairstyle needs some maintenance and styling products to keep the hold. Worry not, as you can ask your barber for some useful tips and tricks to keep the life on this hairstyle.

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This long quiff reminds us of music icons and band members. It looks appealing to make every man look even more dashing and an envy for other men. Steal the look now! It is trendy yet it looks classic and timeless at the same time. The curly hairstyle is a staple haircut for many men with naturally curly or wavy hair.

This haircut is cut a bit short on the sides to emphasize the thicker hair on top. The classic undercut is a great way to add new life to your hairstyle. Maintain it with some styling products for long lasting hold.

The sharp fade with the side part looks sleek and clean. With or without wax or gel, you can flaunt the short hairstyle on any occasion. This classic square shape haircut is for men who want to display their fashion sense on their crowning glory. Check it out today! The short platinum hairstyle is the go-to haircut for men who want to flaunt a new look in school or at the office. The cool mid fade hairstyle is for men who want to look trendy and fashionable with their new hairdo. It basically needs some styling products for shine and hold.

Ask your stylist for some advice and tips and get regular trimming to keep the style. This timeless slicked back haircut is classic and easy to style. It is for men with thicker hair, with or Nice clean man looking hair dye. The hairstyle will look perfect with good hairstyling products. This clean fade is a balance of formal and casual.

Cut short on the sides and long on top, this clean fade just looks amazing! The fade undercut looks awesome and cool! It never goes out of style and can make anyone look fiercer and debonair. The classic spike looks cool on this guy, and surely on you too!

Just use hair wax or clay to hold it in place. The medium haircut is easy to maintain with regular trimming. Just ask your stylist for a few tips and tricks on how to add spikes on top, perhaps? The super Nice clean man looking cut is the hairstyle for men who want a stylish top. With a beard, you can add a twist to an otherwise plain haircut.

The layered with stubble beard is for you if you want to experiment on a new haircut that looks clean and iconic at the same time. It has a slicked back that adds to the illussion of volume. The electric and clean haircut is one of the best haircuts we found for this category.

With some tattoos on the side of the head, any man would surely stand out with this new hairstyle. Are you looking for a new haircut this year? It looks iconic and well styled for any man who dares to look different and display a fashionable hairstyle.

Steal the look by showing this photo to your barber today! This hairstyle is edgy and fierce. Who would have thought this combination would look this great?

Nice clean man looking

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15 Best Men's Haircuts for Looking Instantly Younger