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Thus ed in a lopsided-heart shape, they land and complete the sex act, whereupon the female will head off to lay her eggs. Before she can do that, other males may show up seeking sex. So to avoid further sex, she may fall down dead—or more precisely, she may fake death, dropping from the air and lying motionless in the ground cover. Once the males left, the lifeless-looking females stirred and went on their way.

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Assuming a lifeless-looking, immobile state in an effort to discourage or ambush a predator is known as tonic immobility, death feigning, or thanatosis. Hognose snake: To make their fake death throes as convincing as possible, hognose snakes of the North American genus Heterodon have been known to secrete a foul-smelling fluid and even spew blood. Predatory cichlid: At least two species of this fish may lure prey by sinking to the bottom of a river or lake and lying still as a corpse.

If small fish approach to scavenge, the cichlid lunges and makes a meal of them. All rights reserved.

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This story appears in the June issue of National Geographic magazine. Share Tweet. How some rhino protectors have become a major threat to the species. A chess-sized piece of bone crafted before modern humans are believed to have arrived in the area sparks questions about artistic expression beyond Homo sapiens. Go Further. Animals Sharkfest Sharks form years-long 'friendships,' dispelling 'lone shark' myth. Animals Rare sturgeon threatened by new dams in Caucasus.

Animals Wildlife Watch How some rhino protectors have become a major threat to the species. Animals Sea anemones sometimes eat ants. But why? Animals Mind-controlling parasite makes hyena cubs more reckless around lions.

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Environment Heat waves kill people—and climate change is making it much, much worse. Environment Miami condo collapse highlights urgent need to adapt to rising seas.

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Environment The hidden toll of July Fourth fireworks. Environment Historic drought hitting Western ranchers. Environment What is a heat dome? Pacific Northwest suffers record highs. Science Coronavirus Coverage Your next vaccine could be grown in a tobacco plant. Science What wild chimps can teach humans about healthy aging.

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Here's what we know so far. Travel Ancient wines are having a moment in Italy. Partner Content Rare endemic wildlife is thriving in Masungi Georeserve. Travel Want to take better travel photos? Think like an artist. Subscriber Exclusive Content.

Why are people so dang obsessed with Mars? How viruses shape our world. The era of greyhound racing in the U. See how people have imagined life on Mars through history. United States Change.

Woman looking real sex Moorland

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