Woman slave North Battleford

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It was the early s and they were in the back of a cart driven by their slave owner, heading down a road in Greenville, Georgia. At one point, the owner stopped the cart and spoke with another man, Hiram Warner, a future state supreme court chief justice. Warner bought little Mattie and drove away with her. She eventually became the matriarch of a small Woman slave North Battleford community thousands of miles away. Known as the Shiloh community, it was founded by dozens of families who moved to west-central Saskatchewan to homestead in She plans to write it next year.

Drawing on public records, interviews with descendants of Mayes and Warner and visits to the U. She also plans to examine the Mayes family in a contemporary setting, delving into what it means to be descendants of slaves. Like Biggs, she has been researching the Mayes family history and the Shiloh community. Crystal, the youngest of seven children, grew up near North Battleford.

At the time, hers was the only Black family she knew. At school, there were little to no teachings about Canadian Black history. He went back and forth between the city and the farm for years. At the time, when I was little, the church was there, the original structure, but it was kind of falling apart. Slavery was abolished by the time Mattie was in her teens; according to Biggs, she always referred to herself as a freed slave.

Following the end of the Civil War, she went to work as a servant before she met and married Joseph Mayes, who was also a freed slave. They first moved to Texas, where they were sharecroppers, and eventually lived in Indian Territory — present day Oklahoma. During that visit, she noted its similarity to the Saskatchewan Prairies, although it lacked the cold winters. The Mayes left Oklahoma as the new state began to enact racist segregation policies. Along with several other Black families, they travelled 1, kilometres north to an area outside of Maidstone because the Canadian government had promised free land to people settling in western Canada.

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Together they founded the Shiloh community, the first Black settlement in Saskatchewan, and founded a church with an ading cemetery, which is the only Black cemetery in the province. The Shiloh Baptist Church and cemetery will receive provincial heritage deation on Aug.

In the early s, Leander Lane, a descendant of a Shiloh community founder, Julius Caesar Lane, established a reconstruction non-profit organization to restore the church and cemetery. Members of the Mayes family moved away from the Maidstone area to bigger urban centres.

The last Shiloh person who lived in the area, George Harvey Mayes, died in Crystal Mayes spent time in Toronto and rural Saskatchewan before moving to Saskatoon 17 years ago. She is a mother of three children, a d practical nurse and enjoys hunting and bee-keeping. Her interest in her own family history began after many people she worked with assumed she was a new Canadian, rather than a third-generation Canadian.

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When she told them she was born in Saskatchewan, she usually got questions about where her parents were born. She learned Mattie was an integral part of the community, known for acts of kindness, which included making gingersnaps for children who skated in the area in the winter. She said the message her family took from their history is that you can really set your mind to something and have no limits. Her siblings include the NFL Rookie of the year, the first Black president of the Saskatchewan Veterinary Association, an operating room nurse, a world-class bobsledder, a registered nurse and a financial adviser.

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Woman slave North Battleford

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Saskatchewan's first Black settlement holds stories to learn from