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Be aware this story deals with subject matter of an adult nature. From a small county courthouse office adorned with empowering posters and things celebrating her love of coffee, Sakura Yodogawa-Campbell helps crime victims navigate the legal process.

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Sakura says her first rape came as a sixth grader. Many more followed in high school and college. Bad relationships and alcoholism were the norm. Sakura was confused, hours away from family and friends, and quickly under his control. I can remember we had to have sex in there and allow other people to watch. Sakura later realized she was being trafficked by a man who would beat her, then tell her he loved her. We did the swingers thing. We called those s or whatever those s are for phone sex. We were doing all of these things and I didn't have a choice in this.

It's like you do it or you get beat. Yeah, I literally had to essentially turn tricks to get my money back. You are targeted. The person, they are looking for their targets. They are looking for that vulnerability. My trauma history created a huge vulnerability, whether I realized it or not.

At the time Sakura thought her only option was leave her job, apartment and possessions; everything she had worked for.

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Everything that I had, I had worked for and it's so difficult to walk away from that. It took watching the events of unfold, with her mother on the phone, to realize she needed to be with family. She needed to get out. Sakura moved back to Omaha. There were threats and phone calls.

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Sakura even sometimes felt bad leaving him. After a couple months she changed her phone and never heard from him again.

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Sakura never filed charges. We asked Sakura if she ever wanted to have the man who trafficked her held able. I can't think of anything that would, I don't know, make me feel better or anything like that.

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Now she also helps others understand sex trafficking, sometimes during training sessions for the Nebraska Human Trafficking Task Force. This is some of the worst stuff that you can do to another person, and it's easily stopped.

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There's something I can do in hopes that somebody else does not have to go through this. Editor's note: This story is part of our "Best of " ature Story report. The story originally aired and was published in February.

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Woman want real sex Bee Nebraska

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